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For a day or for a night...
Focus on one of the trends found on the podiums but also in street looks: the daytime pyjamas.
Wake-up failure, it's panic, you only have five minutes left to get ready and drink your cup of tea!
We have the solution: unbutton a few buttons, let's see a beautiful lingerie, decorate with a long diving necklace, enhance it with either a pair of sneakers or a pair of heels et voila!
This outfit, usually reserved for cocooning evenings, is now being updated. Accessorized and worn in an offbeat way, this outfit is just as chic and classy whether by day or by night!
Here are two looks that will prove that you can keep your pajamas on after eight in the morning and even in the middle of the street!

Pyjama: Ginger Lily 

Lingerie: Souhela Ferrah

Shoes: Tony Bianco

Necklace: Bershka

Sunnies: Vogue

Nightie: Asos

Lingerie: Souhela Ferrah

Jacket: Levi's

Boots: Tony Bianco

Sunnies: Hawkers


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